No, I don't play golf.


No, I don't play golf.

  Money Management
    No, I don't play golf.

The Microsoft Excel workbook "Money Management Experiment" allows you to examine the impact the position size has on your equity line. The study might make you think of a similar experiment Ralph Vince did with forty Ph.D.s.

Your task is to choose a position size (the fraction of your current equity you want to bet on the next play).
After entering a new position size, everything runs automatically:
A random generator decides whether you have won or lost.
You will see the result and some statistics immediately in the "Results" pane.
There are 10-15 minutes required for playing the Experiment with 100 trials.

You are required to send the results via e-mail.
Please click here to send me an e-mail and attach the CSV report created by the Money Management Experiment.
If the subject is not created automatically please insert "Money Management Experiment-Report" in the subject line.
- Thank you.

In case you find any errors: please report. - Thank you.

Download the program (please do NOT open the Microsoft Excel workbook directly from the Internet)

Money Management Experiment.xlsm

Money Management Experiment

Money Management Experiment-Spreadsheet (100k)  

When you open this file (Excel 2000 = vers. 9), Excel may warn you that it contains macros, which could contain computer viruses.

Enable Excel-VBA-Macros.

You will need to click the "Enable Macros" button in order to use the spreadsheet functions written in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). There are no viruses hiding in the spreadsheet (tested with updated antivirus software).

You can also disable this warning messages:
Excel Menu: Tools | Macros | Security: set Security Level to Low.


For German readers:
Deutsche Excel Version: Menü Extras | Makros | Sicherheit: auf Niedrig setzen.

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