No, I don't play golf.

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No, I don't play golf.

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Money Management Experiment.xlsm

Money Management Experiment

Money Management Experiment-Spreadsheet - allows you to examine the impact the position size has on your equity line (100k).  

random quotes...(give away).xls

Trading Spreadsheet

Trading Spreadsheet (Random Prices) (65k)  

The desire to be right.xls

The desire to be right

An Excel Spreadsheet, which contains a simplified illustration of a stock market phenomenon.
It shows how and why the desire to be right takes a whole lot of traders out of the market each and every day.

They focus on % correct (profitable) trades and % false (losing) trades instead of other much more important trading statistics (40k).
files/ Money Download all the lessons from my Money Management pages to read offline (560k). Also includes the Money Management Experiment.
Please extra
ct with the Winzip-Option "Use folder names" to make sure the images in subdirectories are in place.
Regression Trendlines.xls

Regression Trendlines

It took quite a long time to figure out how to calculate and draw Regression Trendlines (used in B.R.A.I.N.) with Microsoft Excel, which update themselves whenever it's due. - Here it is (183k).
But beware that Regression Analysis is ONLY a trend indicator and keep in mind that Risk- and
Money Management is much more important than all that market timing & indicator abracadabra.

MetaStock Explorations Run.xls

MetaStock Explorations Run

An Excel Spreadsheet automating MetaStock® Explorations with Excel-VBA.
The VBA routine waits until the Exploration is done and adds one day to the Exploration date (Specific Date). This allows to run Explorations without user input over a specific date range (66k).

Worldwide Clocks.xls

Worldwide Clocks

An Excel Spreadsheet showing the local time of all important cities with charts (!) as we all know it from big trading rooms (23k). MetaLibrary MetaLibrary:
My programmer developed a nice peace of code, perfect for Excel-traders who have to deal with the popular MetaStock format and want to convert it quickly into Excel.
MetaLibrary converts MetaStock data directly into Excel spreadsheets, in just a matter of seconds
(see the next download MetaLib-Tools where I have implemented the major features of the MetaLibrary).
It's amazingly fast: Stock data (Date, Open, High, Low, Close) of 2000 trading days (around 3000 calendar days, i. e. more than 8 years) are converted and pasted into Excel within 9 seconds.
Hard-/Software-Environment: Win98, MSOffice 97 Professional Edition SR-2, Intel Pentium II 350, 128 MB RAM, 27 GB Harddisk.
Interested? - Go to
MetaLibrary (1100k).



An Excel spreadsheet/Excel workbook where I implemented the major features of the MetaLibrary. You need your own MetaStock files to work with it (165k).  

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