No, I don't play golf.

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No, I don't play golf.


  Special Thanks to     No, I don't play golf.
  Erik Bosrup The author of "overLIB" which is a great JavaScript library created to enhance websites with those small popup information boxes to help visitors around your website. It will provide the user with information about what will happen before they click on a link as well as navigational help.
Visit his Homepage!
No, I don't play golf.
  Peter Zierl I am grateful to my programmer who developed some great trading tools for me. He also has some other useful & brilliant software packages.
Visit one of his pages: MetaLibrary.
No, I don't play golf.
  Anonymous I also wish to thank all the traders (especially from the private lists like Realtraders-list, Omega-list, MetaStock-list, etc.) who helped and gave support so many times.
Thanks for sharing their experience over the Internet. 
No, I don't play golf.


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